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Several industries often use disposable items for several reasons. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all learnt the importance of precautionary measures such as disposable aprons, disposable coveralls, disposable hairnets, and so on.

We all know the importance of covering and protecting staff for hygiene and safety purposes. For those in the food processing or foodservice industry, disposable hair nets and beard covers, are extremely important. At Restock, we provide hygiene wear in many different sizes, types and with colours that will keep everyone happy.

We know that you want to maintain a professional and hygienic workplace to keep your staff and customers safe. If you’re searching ‘where to buy disposable ponchos’ we’re got lightweight, economical, waterproof, long sleeve ponchos, perfect for keeping safe and dry.

Restock has a variety of disposable options

Here are just some of the disposable products that Restock has available to buy:

  • Disposable isolation gowns
  • Disposable blue plastic aprons
  • Blue disposable lab coats
  • Disposable full-length aprons
  • Disposable shoe covers
  • Disposable gowns
  • Disposable hair nets
  • Disposable ponchos
  • Disposable lab coats
  • Disposable plastic aprons
  • Blue shoe covers disposable
  • Disposable protective coverall
  • Disposable aprons for adults
  • Breathable disposable coveralls
  • Disposable protective gowns
  • Disposable hair net caps
  • Disposable plastic sleeve protectors
  • Reusable plastic aprons

Not only do we provide the best quality disposable options, we also place importance on getting just the right kind you need with choices of colour such as blue isolation gowns and yellow isolation gowns. 

If you are in search of the best disposable gowns Australia has to offer, look no further than Restock. There are long disposable aprons as well as full-length, disposable sleeve protectors are also available in plastic as well as other materials. Disposable coveralls bulk packages are also available for those who are in need of larger quantities.

Why consider Restock for hygiene wear?

Have you been searching ‘where can I buy disposable aprons near me’ online? This is where Restock can help. We can provide one size fits all isolation gowns for extra convenience.

For any questions, you can find a full range of our products and information available on our website. You can also order easily online.