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There are many kinds of workplaces (including home offices) that need all kinds of tapes for their daily operations. Craft stores, school supplies, everyday office supplies, and many other uses for tapes to fulfil various needs.

You also need the best quality tape dispenser to make the use as easy as possible. No one understands this better than Restock. At Restock, we are committed to providing double-sided tape and other kinds of tapes along with the right dispensers to go with it.

Restock has excellent tapes for your tasks

Restock is one of the best-printed tape suppliers and bag sealing tape suppliers that you can find in Australia. Whether you want to seal packages, mount fixtures, or need heavy-duty double-sided tape for projects, Restock is able to offer the tape supplies required.

With so many uses for tapes, most business setups need to have them in stock at all times. Even private homeowners would need strong double-sided tape for home decoration projects, short-term projects, and many other uses.

Wondering what exactly you can get at Restock in the way of tapes? Have a look at our wide range:

  • Double-sided tape
  • Masking tape
  • Packing tape dispenser
  • Tape dispenser gun
  • Safety tape
  • Filament tape
  • Printed tape
  • Safety barrier tape
  • Safety tape yellow black
  • Filament packing tape
  • Hand tearable tape
  • Duck packing tape
  • Printed shipping tape
  • Bag sealing tape
  • Stationery tape

As you can see, Restock is ready and waiting with all the tapes anyone may need for their business, home decoration, education, organisation, and a whole lot more. Now is the right time to stock up on every kind that might come in handy in the daily running of your business. You never know when they could be a lifesaver!

Why Restock is the right choice

When it comes to taping needs for any kind of work, Restock has exactly what you need. We have the masking tape for making your spray paint projects as neat as possible. We also have hand tearable tapes so that it is easy for one person to get the job done without the need for a pair of scissors.

All you have to do is check out the range of tape products we have in stock right now! Have any questions, queries, or concerns about tapes or taping? Call us up and get the best recommendations for your next stock up.