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When you ship something to your valuable customers, you want everything to arrive in perfect condition. Having a product get damaged in the carton on its way to a new owner is a loss for the customer, the company and also may lead to a customer choosing not to buy again.  

To prevent such losses of both product and reputation, Restock has got some excellent packaging materials for you. Among these are our plastic carton liners, produce rolls, drum liners, pallet liners, and produce roll bags.

With quality packaging from Restock, the likelihood of damage to your product is minimised. Mishandling while shipping is a part of a business owner’s life. But the least we can do is take the proper precautions beforehand.

Restock provides high-quality liners

At Restock, we understand the importance of quality liners well. Here are some of the liner types we offer all year round:

  • Produce rolls
  • Pallet liners
  • Drum liners
  • Carton liner
  • Produce roll bags
  • Food bin liners
  • Kitchen tidy liners
  • Heavy-duty degradable clear bin liners
  • General-purpose black bin liners
  • Flip top bins in various colours

Our bin liners are especially designed to contain everything that is put into them, reducing unpleasant odours, and preventing leakages at the same time. 

Some of our liners are so heavy duty that they even can withstand heavy, sharp objects! You can also get most of our liners in either black or white, depending on your requirements.

Restock also offers bins for sale. Our flip-top bins are easy to use and keep clean, especially when you have a roll of liners handy.

Why go with Restock?

If you have not tried our quality liners until now, this is the perfect place to start! No matter what kind of business or home setup you run, liners of any kind are essential for safe, hygienic and risk-free practices.

Call us up today with any questions or concerns about our products. We will be delighted to provide consultation and recommend the best stock to suit your needs that we have on hand!