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Deli/Butchers Paper 610 x 810mm (24 x 32inch) (15kg/pack)

Product Code: 753566

Plain, unprinted Use with cold foods Food safe

$46.44(inc GST)


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When you are striving for excellence in the food and hospitality industry, having quality packaging for every item is a must. Food is a delicate and perishable item and needs the best presentation, preservation, and packaging to remain safe and attractive to customers.

Finding top-notch packaging for food items might not be the easiest task. You have to find wraps that are suitable for both hot and cold food. Even the deli paper Costco supplies may not always be suitable, as it may have printed colours on it that can potentially contaminate food.

The price factor is another matter. Not only do most companies have to get quality foam tray and deli paper options, but they also have to ensure economical options to make it affordable.

At Restock, we understand all the business aspects surrounding food packaging and everything related to it. This is why we place a lot of focus on providing the best disposable foam trays and deli paper sheets Australia has available.

Restock offers great food packaging options

In this day and age, companies that deal with food have to be prepared with all kinds of packaging options. The following products are some of the most important ones to consider:

  • Disposable paper or plastic plates for eating on the go
  • Cling wrap to cover foam trays or other open containers
  • Containers that can close on their own
  • Clear containers for dining, takeaway, work lunches, or school lunches
  • Freezer grade tape
  • Disposable gloves for handling food in a hygienic and safe manner
  • Disposable foam trays for storing, packaging, and displaying items

We are your trusted partner in food packaging

When you opt for Restock, you are sure that you get the best foam meat trays Australia has to offer. Plus, Restock is also proud to present the highest quality for other types of food packaging options.

Not only do we have a myriad of options available, but there is also a guarantee on each of the items here at Restock. Order foam trays today.

Have any pressing questions about what kind of food packaging options to consider for your business? Concerned about the environmental impact of the packaging or anything else? Just get in touch with our Restock team, we would love to hear from you!