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Twist Ties 200mm x 3mm Green (1000/pack)

Product Code: 755301

Economical paper twist ties Available in green colour Tensile strength: 40kg/mm2 Heat resistance: to 100...

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Whether an organisation is in the food services industry or anything else that requires handling edible items, they need the best food packaging around. Food is something that requires careful handling and the highest hygienic standards. With this in mind, Restock makes sure to be the most conscientious food packaging supplier you can find!

When you are ready to shop for high-quality food service packaging, know that Restock is right by your side. At Restock, we provide a wide range of paper and plastic packaging for food. We also offer wholesale food packaging rates. That way, we help you provide the best service for your customers while taking care of your budget.

We have several food service packaging options for you

The extent of our food service packaging range is not limited to a few products alone. Along with the foam trays, cling wraps, and boxes available, we also supply all kinds of lids for various containers. This way, our valued clients can shop for just what they need and also put in a request for specific products.

If there is something we may not carry at the moment, we are always willing to consider additional inventory to provide higher quality customer service.

Having said that, our options for plastic and paper food packaging ensure that each client gets what will suit them best. Paper packaging for food products is the best option for companies who want to have a more eco-friendly approach.

On the other hand, many companies still provide plastic food packaging bags for the sake of their customers’ convenience. Whether you want just one of these options or both at the same time, you can rely on Restock to provide them all.

Restock is your one-stop-shop for food service packaging

Packaging food items requires products to be kept fresh for as long as possible and also present them in an appropriate and attractive way. The packaging options at Restock provide the best way to achieve all these goals so that you can cut your costs and make it affordable.

Restock also provides every food packaging option available in several sizes to suit every need. If you still have any questions, there are many ways to get in touch with our enthusiastic staff. Contact us today and get expert guidance on which packaging options are right for you, or place an order online and let your food service business grow!