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Having the best quality matting is essential when you want to make a professional and practical workspace. At Restock, we understand the need for most organisations to have proper entrance mats for their commercial entrances, office chair mats for official working spaces, and so many other types.

With the wide range of essential mats that Restock has on offer, you’ll find exactly what you need. You can be sure of getting the best quality mats available.

Types of Mats at Restock

Here are some of the best quality mats and matting available at Restock:

Chair mats

Our chair mat options include clear vinyl mats that are complete with large or small anchors on their back. This is the perfect mat to protect your carpet from chairs and rolling castors on furniture. They also serve to minimise stress on your back. In case you have hard flooring in your workspace, our desk chair mat options are also available without any anchors.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

At Restock, you are assured of the best industrial anti-fatigue mats along with thinner options that you can cut for odd-shaped spaces. These usually have a raised pattern underneath for proper drainage while also making sure of comfort while walking. These mats are ideal for places where workers have to stand for a long time, such as food prep areas, boat decks, etc.

Industrial rubber mats

Our industrial vinyl mats and industrial non-slip mats are just two of the quality options available at Restock. These are perfect for kitchens, sheds, wet areas, and garages. What’s more, even the anti- fatigue mats industrial options are available at budget prices. There are also types with drain holes and air pocket layers for extra comfort.

Entrance Floor Mats

At Restock, you get commercial entrance mats, heavy-duty entrance mats, and the best shop entrance mat options. These have raised patterns, retention for water and dirt, and are overall the best for high-traffic areas.

Why buy a chair mat from Restock?

When you have quality mats on the floor, you will be keeping everyone happy without stretching your budget. The proper matting will help to prevent slips in awkward areas or any place where spills and falls are likely to happen. Precautions like these will result in fewer injuries in the workplace.
Got more questions about our floor mats? Call us up and let our staff guide you to the most efficient purchase process.