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Flip Top Bins

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Charcoal Domed Bin Grey 28L (each)

Product Code: 471063

Plastic Dome Lid Bin is small in size so it can be placed under a desk or in a corner out of the way. The dome lid has a convenient push open...

$46.70(ex GST)


Charcoal Flip Top Bin 60L (each)

Product Code: 471067

Convenient lid swings or clips open Ideal for kitchen use Fits medium liners Made in Australia by Willow, an...

$89.00(ex GST)


White Flip Top Tidy Bin 30L (each)

Product Code: 611609

In neutral off,white colour with charcoal accent Convenient lid swings or clips open Ideal for kitchen use Fits...

$28.90(ex GST)


White Swing Top Bin with Charcoal Lid 55L (each)

Product Code: 471065

Swing & Stay is a range of bins designed with lids that swing or clip open for easy garbage disposal. In neutral off-white colour...

$65.60(ex GST)


White Swing Top Tidy Bin 18L (each)

Product Code: 471602

This convenient Tidy Bin includes swing top lid and space saving design that makes this perfect for many kitchen applications. ...

$23.10(ex GST)


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