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3M Swivel Head Doodle Bug Holder Handled

Product Code: 610623

Orange plastic holder with special grippers that hold 11.74 cm x 25.4 cm 3M Doodlebug Cleaning Pads (sold separately). Holder swivels in all...

$51.75(ex GST)


$37.15(ex GST)


Durelle Premium 80L Heavy Duty Black Bin Liners (250/ctn)

Product Code: 461508

Individually dispensed flat pack Ideal for mid to heavy weight applications

$48.62(ex GST)


Extendable Flexible High Microfibre Dusting Wand

Product Code: 611209

Microfibre technology pad with looped ends traps dirt for an optimal clean Ideal for capturing dust, dirt, hair and fine particles...

$40.40(ex GST)


Janitors Cart Trolley Replacement Rear Wheel (each)

Product Code: 610205

Lightweight and sturdy design with provision for many accessories to be hung Large rear wheel replacement suit Oates, Edco &...

$21.60(ex GST)


Magic Sponge Eraser Ernest Pads 255 x 115 x 35mm (1 pad)

Product Code: 620712

Attach sponge to floor or hand tool Completely soak MagicSponge with water and squeeze out any excess water. (Never use...

$9.65(ex GST)


Magic Sponge Eraser Mega Pack 400 x 70 x 35mm (MP400) (12/pack)

Product Code: 620710

Cut MagicSponge into suitable sizes with a knife. Completely soak MagicSponge with water and squeeze out any excess water. (Never...

$92.20(ex GST)


Oates 300mm PVC Backed Broom Stiff Poly Floor Scrub Blue (each)

Product Code: 610821

Short, stiff durable synthetic bristles for aggressive scrubbing Ideal for use on tiles and grout Available in colour...

$18.65(ex GST)


Oates Microfibre Wizard Duster (each)

Product Code: 611212

Unique microfibre fringe attracts and traps dust, dirt and grime Flexible head to clean hard-to-reach places Ideal for...

$14.80(ex GST)


Oates Spray n Glide Mop

Product Code: 752409

Convenient, time-saving mop with water dispenser Lightweight, easy to use, with ergonomic trigger Colour coded...

$51.35(ex GST)


Oates Squeegee Window Soft Grip

Product Code: 611400

Ergonomic soft grip handle Rubber blade squeegees surface dry Ideal for shower screens, mirrors and wall tiles

$6.55(ex GST)


Premium Outdoor Domed Cobweb Broom (each)

Product Code: 4997

Contoured shape removes dust , dirt and cobwebs from cornices and vents 22mm steel powder coated extension Ideal for...

$31.85(ex GST)


Safety Gripper 100cm (each)

Product Code: 611302A

Safely collects dangerous objects Strong metal prongs with built in rubber grip Lightweight aluminium pole

$47.35(ex GST)


Safety Gripper 83cm (each)

Product Code: 611301B

Safely collects dangerous objects Rubber tips for extra grip Lightweight aluminium pole

$34.80(ex GST)


Special - Durapak Heavy Duty Drum/Bin Liner Red 200L 985mm x 1550mm x 32um (100/

Product Code: 461688

A food Grade Liner can be used as a plastic barrier inserted into a box, carton or bin during the packaging of a particular...

$71.50(ex GST)


Stainless Steel Boot Brush with Poly Bristles (each)

Product Code: 751100

Restocks Boot Cleaner will keep your cleaning time to a minimum. It will also increase safety on the job due to the better grip of the clean...

$302.25(ex GST)


Telescopic Extension Pole 9m (each)

Product Code: 752348

Strong and lightweight Secure locking mechanism 4 section pole Easy cleaning of hard to reach areas

$189.70(ex GST)


White Pedal Bin 30ltr (each)

Product Code: 471066

Hygienic action - no need to touch lid Easy to use foot pedal provides effortless operation Features robust, high grade...

$86.45(ex GST)


White Tamper Evident Pail & Lid 10L - 285mm Dia x 257mm High (each)

Product Code: 753145

Restock food buckets are a high quality food pail with an integrated carry handle available in a variety of sizes The tamper...

$7.15(ex GST)


18L Small White Kitchen Tidy Liners (1000/ctn)

Product Code: 460101

Small white bin liners on a perforated, coreless roll.

$38.45(ex GST)


80L Heavy Duty Degradable Clear Bin Liners (250/ctn)

Product Code: 461519

vDegradable bin liners are made from high quality plastic material with a degradable additive which allows the bag the degrade with exposure to...

$60.40(ex GST)


Durelle 240L Extra Heavy Duty Bin Liners 40um (100/ctn)

Product Code: 461515

Designed for the sharp and heavy objects, these bin liners are the strongest on the market Star seal for greater strength...

$53.50(ex GST)


Durelle Premium 77L Heavy Duty Black Bin Liners (250/ctn)

Product Code: 461505

Individually dispensed flat pack Ideal for mid to heavy weight applications

$36.20(ex GST)


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