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Bastion Adult Hygiene Wipes Soft Pack 80 Sheets Flat Seal (20/ctn)

Product Code: 4003

Adult Hygiene Wipes Soft Pack 80 Sheets Flat Seal ultimate high quality personal hygiene wipe Hypoallergenic, Alcohol...

$76.75(ex GST)


Baby Wipes Soft Pack 80 Sheet (20/ctn)

Product Code: 750101

Hypoallergenic Alcohol Free Softer Fragrance Free Enriched with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and...

$54.95(ex GST)


Isopropylene Alcohol Wipes (75/canister)

Product Code: 758955

70% Isopropyl alcohol impregnated wipes Hospital grade disinfectant Bactericidal - kills 99.9% of bacteria

$7.24(ex GST)


Joey Premium Baby Wipes Soft Pack 100 Sheet (12/ctn)

Product Code: 750101-A

Alcohol Free Unscented Used by households and childcare centres Softer Stronger...

$44.79(ex GST)


Office Disinfectant Wipes (75/canister)

Product Code: 753309

Disinfect and clean in one convenient wet wipe. Can be used on: stainless steel and other hard surfaces, bench tops, trolleys,...

$6.44(ex GST)


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