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Paradise 10gm Laundry Powder Sachets (500/ctn)

Product Code: 661016

This laundry powder 40 gram sachet is ideal for travelling overseas, camping or when you're on the go for work. This laundry detergent can be...

$166.70(ex GST)


Eurosan L1 Laundry Chlorine Bleach AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 220402

Eurosan Laundry Chlorine Bleach is a commercial grade laundry bleach for sanitation and stain removal of white linen. For use through Automatic...

$160.20(ex GST)


Eurosan L2 Laundry Detergent AM (2 x 5Ltr)

Product Code: 220404

Eurosan Laundry Detergent is a chemical breakthrough in liquid laundry detergent and the end result is a clean wash, with brighter colours and...

$229.40(ex GST)


Eurosan L3 Laundry Breakwash AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 261807

Eurosan Laundry Breakwash is for treating heavily soiled fabrics in commercial and on-premise laundry facilities.

$183.90(ex GST)


Eurosan L4 Laundry Soft/Sour AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 261813

Eurosan Laundry Sour/Softener is a concentrated solution formulated to provide antistatic properties and fabric conditioning when added to the...

$239.00(ex GST)


Eurosan L5 Pre Wash Spotter 750ml (each)

Product Code: 292530

Eurosan Fabric Stain Remover is specifically formulated for use as a general purpose spotter on laundry garments, carpets and fabrics. It is a...

$23.40(ex GST)


Eurosan L6 Manual Laundry Detergent 15L (each)

Product Code: 292751

Eurosan Manual Laundry Detergent is a chemical breakthrough in liquid laundry detergent and the end result is a clean wash, with brighter...

$83.90(ex GST)


Eurosan L6 Manual Laundry Detergent 5L (each)

Product Code: 292752

Popular liquid laundry detergent for front and top loaders.

$30.10(ex GST)


Eurosan L8 Premium Laundry Powder 8kg (each)

Product Code: 292720

Eurosan Premium Laundry Powder is effective in hot or cold water containts a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean....

$82.60(ex GST)


Eurosan L11 Fabric Softener 5L (each)

Product Code: 292754

Eurosan Fabric Softener performs two roles in one operation - softens fabrics as well as eliminating static charge. Recommended for laundering...

$31.20(ex GST)


Eurosan L12 Eco Laundry Powder 15kg (each)

Product Code: 292755

Eurosan Eco Laundry Powder is a pleasantly perfumed laundry powder designed to care for your clothes. It is formulated with built-in optical...

$80.50(ex GST)


Eurosan L14 Wool Wash 5L (each)

Product Code: 292765

Eurosan Wool Wash is a premium quality disinfectant with a refreshing eucalyptus fragrance. Included in the formula are surface active agents...

$35.50(ex GST)


Eurosan L9 Manual Laundry Detergent Disinfectant 5L

Product Code: 220403

A laundry detergent that contains a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh. It effectively removes common stains on all fabric and is...

$76.80(ex GST)


Nappy Kleen Powder 5kg (each)

Product Code: 292760

A concentrated white laundry powder with optical brighteners, surfactants to release perspiration, dirt and grime and leave clothes with a...

$47.30(ex GST)


Bag Laundry IPSO Soluseam (250/ctn)

Product Code: 661031

For use when cleaning foul laundry Sits inside regular trolley bag Soluble seam opens in wash releasing garments...

$334.40(ex GST)


Fresh Laun Laundry Powder 5kg (each)

Product Code: 292756

The best selling laundry powder has proved itself as a great all rounder for most laundry applications. Fresh Laun enhances laundry with a...

$33.30(ex GST)


Ecolab Solid Navisoft Softener (2 x 2.7kg)

Product Code: 212101

Ideal for hospitality or healthcare linens, this highly concentrated mixture of fabric softener and sour leaves linens with a soft hand.

$205.00(ex GST)


Ecolab Solid Stainaway Bleach (2 x 1.8kg)

Product Code: 212102

Strips away stubborn food soils, grease and oils in all water conditions.

$293.70(ex GST)


Ecolab Solid Surge Plus Detergent (4 x 4kg)

Product Code: 212103

This premium one-shot non-phosphate formula detergent combines alkalinity, water conditioners, a wetting agent, a new fabric brightening...

$864.90(ex GST)


White King Hi Speed Iron Cleaner (2 x 25gm/pack)

Product Code: 292491

White King Hi Speed Hot Iron Cleaner is the quick and easy way to clean the sticky coating from steam and dry irons, which helps to avoid...

$14.50(ex GST)


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