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$3.95(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G10 Carpet Cleaner 5L (each)

Product Code: 293268

Eurosan CLS Carpet Cleaner is a low foaming liquid detergent specifically formulated for use with carpet extraction equipment. This product is...

$76.00(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G12 Floral Airfreshener 5L (each)

Product Code: 293277

CLS Eurosan Floral Airfreshener is a dual action cleaner. It is a neutral detergent containing specially formulated perfume oils with a high...

$43.90(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G13 Lemon Disinfectant 5ltr (each)

Product Code: 293262

Eurosan CLS Lemon Disinfectant is a disinfectant with a refreshing lemon residual fragrance. The product has been subjected to an independent...

$32.85(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G14 Odour Eliminator 5L (each)

Product Code: 293315

Eurosan CLS Odour Eliminator is suitable for all applications where a powerful cleaner sanitiser is required to destroy a wide range of...

$63.90(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G16 Pure Airfreshener 5L (each)

Product Code: 293276

Eurosan CLS Pure Airfreshener principally designed as a residual air freshener liquid for use in cars, offices, surgeries etc. It is also a...

$57.20(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G19 Concentrate Glass Cleaner 5L (each)

Product Code: 292578

Eursoan CLS Glass Cleaner can be used on windows, mirrors, stainless steel and chrome surfaces, ceramic tiles, refrigerators, pictures,...

$63.85(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G2 Cleaner Degreaser 5L (each)

Product Code: 293269

Eurosan CLS Cleaner Degreaser is a heavy duty, foaming detergent for removal of fat, grease, soil, dirt, animal and vegetable oils, carbon and...

$35.95(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G21 Bleach 4% 5L (each)

Product Code: 293271

CLS Eurosan Bleach 4% can be used for white and colour-fast linens, cottons, nylon, dacron. Ideal for nappies, bed sheets and...

$23.13(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G24 Enviro Cleaner Disinfectant 5L (each)

Product Code: 293263

CLS Eurosan Multi Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant is a unique blend of detergent and sanitisers combined with natural citrus solvents to produce a...

$47.70(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan G5 Cleaner Stain Remover 5L (each)

Product Code: 293264

Eurosan CLS Disinfectant Cleaner / Stain Remover is a chlorine activated bleach and sanitiser for use in laundries, kitchens, restaurants,...

$54.05(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan K1 Auto Dish Detergent CL 5L (each)

Product Code: 293102

Eurosan CLS Auto Dish Detergent CL is a pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending...

$45.65(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan K12 Concentrated No Rinse Quat Sanitizer 5L (each)

Product Code: 293265

CLS Eurosan No Rinse Sanitiser is a complex blend of quaternary ammonium compounds. Its superior germicide activity when compared to...

$84.70(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan K3 Rinse Aid 5L (each)

Product Code: 293112

Eurosan CLS Rinse Aid is a specialised drying agent for use in glass dishwashing machines to reduce drying time and prevent water spotting....

$64.85(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan L1 Laundry Chlorine Bleach AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 293302

Eurosan CLS Laundry Chlorine Bleach is a commercial grade laundry bleach for sanitation and stain removal of white linen. For use through...

$111.45(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan L2 Laundry Detergent AM (2 x 5Ltr)

Product Code: 293306

Eurosan CLS Laundry Detergent is a chemical breakthrough in liquid laundry detergent and the end result is a clean wash, with brighter colours...

$125.55(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan L3 Laundry Breakwash AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 293312

Eurosan CLS Laundry Breakwash is for treating heavily soiled fabrics in commercial and on-premise laundry facilities.

$131.05(ex GST)


CLS Eurosan L4 Laundry Soft/Sour AM (2 x 5ltr)

Product Code: 293316

Eurosan CLS Laundry Sour/Softener is a concentrated solution formulated to provide antistatic properties and fabric conditioning when added to...

$113.40(ex GST)


Eco-Fresh 20ml Liquid Dishwashing Sachets (500/ctn)

Product Code: 661019

Dishwashing liquid in 20ml sachet. Clean and contemporary design suitable for most accomodation providers...

$283.10(ex GST)


Eco-Fresh/Cleaning Products 10gm Dishwashing Powder Sachets (500/ctn)

Product Code: 661017

A 10 gram sachet of Automatic Dishwashing Machine Powder for use in a domestic dishwasher. Comes well presented in a printed sachet. ...

$348.45(ex GST)


$104.55(ex GST)


Euca Laundry Powder 12kg (each)

Product Code: 753402

Tested, and tested again to make sure all the key points of the original Eucalyptus Euca Laundry powder is met or surpassed. Exceptional...

$85.00(ex GST)


Eurosan F13 Heavy Duty Self Foaming Chlorinated Detergent 20L (each)

Product Code: 282493

Eurosan Heavy Duty Self Foaming Chlorinated Detergent is a heavy duty self foaming chlorinated detergent for the food industry. It is non...

$124.45(ex GST)


$95.00(ex GST)


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