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ABS Tork Plastic Mini Slimline/Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser (each)

Product Code: 121303

Dispenser units are modern and contemporary looking Easy to load up and top up Suitable for all the above Slimline...

$72.10(ex GST)


Aqium Gel Sanitiser Pump Pack 375ml (each)

Product Code: 750312

Kills 99.99% of germs quickly. Moisturising with glycerine and pro Vitamin B5. Leaves hands soft, refreshed &...

$18.81(ex GST)


Durelle Double Standard Toilet Roll/ Tini Jumbo Roll Dispenser(each)

Product Code: 207100

Low maintenance standard toilet roll dispenser Lockable

$42.80(ex GST)


Durelle Premium Centrefeed Hand Towel White 19cmx300m (6/ctn)

Product Code: 417410

Ideal for high use areas. Extremely easy to refill dispenser Large 300m roll reduces maintenance & refilling...

$54.45(ex GST)


Durelle Premium White Auto Cut Roll Towel with H1 Plug 21cm x 250m 1ply (6/pack)

Product Code: 427200

Produced with quality and utility in mind. Supplied with H1 Tork plug for the cores. Whilst soft enough for every day...

$124.20(ex GST)


$209.00(ex GST)


Durelle Ultimate Blue Auto Cut Roll Towel with H1 Plug 21cm x 150m 2ply (6/pack)

Product Code: 425300

Produced with quality and utility in mind. Supplied with H1 Tork plug for the cores. Whilst soft enough for every day...

$81.75(ex GST)


Eco-Fresh Sanitary Bags (250/ctn)

Product Code: 661616

Fresh white plastic sanitary bag presented in an environmentally friendly white post-consumer recycled paper sachet. Ideal for...

$146.70(ex GST)


Eurosan G15 75% Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel (Non Scented) 5L (each)

Product Code: 750336

Kills 99.9% bacteria within 30 seconds with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E Alcohol based gel for fast air drying No washing or...

$107.60(ex GST)


Eurosan Hand Sanitiser Starter Pack (1 x Stainless Steel Bracket & 2 x 250ml Re

Product Code: 750381

Perfect option for classrooms and office spaces. Bracket is easy to install and comes with 2 refills to suit. 75% Alcohol...

$12.90(ex GST)


Eurosan Instant Hand Sanitiser Gel 1000ml (each)

Product Code: 750335

Evaporating Hand Sanitiser 1000ml is an alcohol based clear liquid, hand sanitising gel, which will yield a near kill of most common...

$26.00(ex GST)


$46.20(ex GST)


Kleenex Compact Hand Towel (24 x 90 sheets/ctn) 4440

Product Code: 160305

Kleenex® compact hand towels are designed with smaller washrooms in mind. These compact hand towels, and their corresponding dispensers, are...

$90.15(ex GST)


Lanovera Bath Gel Bottle 20ml (240/ctn)

Product Code: 660705

Single 20ml bottles of Bath Gel which contain aloe vera and lanolin that both help to soothe and nourish the skin. Aloe Vera contains more than...

$179.20(ex GST)


Lanovera Conditioning Shampoo Bottle 20ml (240/ctn)

Product Code: 660704

Lanovera is a blend of over 70 essential ingredients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins to help promote smooth healthy skin....

$179.20(ex GST)


Livi Cube Facial Tissues 90 Sheets (24/ctn)

Product Code: 150207

Hypoallergenic facial tissue cube 90 sheets 2 Ply per cube

$39.00(ex GST)


$100000.00(ex GST)


Stoko Refresh Foaming Handwash 800ml (each)

Product Code: 752708

Thick foam and pleasant fragrances encourage frequent handwashing Advanced moisturizing formulation Small, attractive...

$38.10(ex GST)


Tork Advanced Mini Jumbo Roll 2 Ply 200m (12/ctn)

Product Code: 753123

Offers more than double the capacity of conventional and interleaved toilet systems Takes up very little space. Reduces...

$96.65(ex GST)


Tork Jumbo Junior Toilet Tissue 2 Ply 115m (18rolls/ctn)

Product Code: 751312

High quality individually wrapped rolls. Reduces the chance of run outs during peak times. Durable lockable dispensers...

$106.60(ex GST)


TORK Universal 1 Ply Interleaved T/Tissue 1 Ply 500 shts (36/ctn)

Product Code: 120303

This mini dispenser is compact and is very suitable for smaller washrooms with limited space. Perfect size for when wall space is...

$116.00(ex GST)


Durelle Premium White Auto Cut Roll Towel 21cm x 250m 1ply (6/pack)

Product Code: 427100

Produced with quality and utility in mind. Whilst soft enough for every day hand drying, they are strong enough for light...

$108.10(ex GST)


Durelle Ultimate Roll Towel 100m (12 rolls/ctn)

Product Code: 415200

Durelle Ultimate Roll Towel offers quality and value that can be relied on for superior wet strength and absorbency and will stand up to the...

$66.75(ex GST)


Eurosan Antibacterial Foaming Handwash 1000ml (each)

Product Code: 750331

Luxury Foaming Hygiene Lotion Soap 1000ml is an unperfumed high foaming lotion soap with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Ideal...

$20.35(ex GST)


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