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Milk & Powder Flavourings

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Devondale UHT Full Cream Milk 1ltr (each)

Product Code: 750406

Deliciously creamy, 100% pure milk. With only 3% fat, theres no excuse not to enjoy our Devondale Full Cream Milk. Its a terrific choice for...

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Devondale UHT Lite Milk 1ltr (each)

Product Code: 750404

Our Devondale Skim Milk is 99.9% fat free, a beauty for anyone wanting to stay trim and fit. But dont worry, it still has 100% of that great...

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Nestle Hot Chocolate 1kg (each)

Product Code: 10302

Dissolves easily in hot or cold milk Makes an indulgent milk drink 98.5% fat-free

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Nestle Milo 1.9kg (each)

Product Code: 10304

This 1.9 kg tin of Nestle Milo is perfect for stocking up on your favourite treat. The powder is a good source of protein, has low GI and...

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UHT Long Life Milk Small Portion15ml (240/ctn)

Product Code: 390302

These Dairy Farmers 15mL UHT Milk Portions come in a handy pack of 240 so you can stock up at once. This milk has been heat-treated so you can...

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