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Spray Soap Hand Lotion 800ml (6/ctn)

Spray Soap Hand Lotion 800ml (6/ctn)

Prices (inc GST): Each: : Total: Save:
(6 Each) $22.16 $132.94 $132.94
2 Cartons (72 Each) $19.56 $117.37 $1408.44 12%
4 Cartons (144 Each) $18.31 $109.84 $2636.04 17%

$132.94 / (6 Each)


  • Creamy spray soap - our most popular hand soap system!
  • Due to the efficiency of the Spray Soap pump, each pump of Spray Soap releases only 0.2grams of soap per pump, compared with 1 - 1.5 grams in conventional liquid systems. This reduction can amount to huge savings! In addition, there are labour savings as a result of the increased refill cycle.
  • Up to 4000 hand washes from one refill!
  • Each refill has a new pump - eliminating messy leaks and clogging
  • For use in 110018 dispenser
  • Uses less soap than conventional systems
  • Each pump dispenses only 0.2ml of soap per push - regular systems dispense up to 1.5ml per push!

 Product Code: 241008

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