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Eurosan K1 Auto Dish Detergent CL15L (each)

Eurosan K1 Auto Dish Detergent CL15L (each)

$107.86(inc GST)


Eurosan Auto Dish Detergent CL is a pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents combined with soil suspending agents, anti-scaling components and a stabilised chlorine destaining agent.Formulated especially for use with the Eurosan Auto Monitoring Pump System. This is a complete Hands-Off system which ensures optimum concentration and economy of use of detergent is maintained at all times.

  • Concentrated liquid - ensures economical dose rates.
  • Anti-scaling agents - minimises the need to de-scale the dishwasher.
  • Soil suspending agents - prevents re-deposition of soils.
  • Chlorine based - removes and controls all tannin and protein stains.

 Product Code: 261822

Category: 010_Kitchen

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