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White Sugar Sachets (2000/ctn)

White Sugar Sachets (2000/ctn)

Prices (inc GST): Sachets: Carton: Total: Save:
Carton (2000 Sachets) $0.02 $42.40 $42.40
3 Cartons (6000 Sachets) $0.02 $39.85 $119.55 3%
6 Cartons (12000 Sachets) $0.02 $38.45 $230.70 7%

$41.28 / Carton (2000 Sachets)


Since the pioneering days of portion control production in the 1950's, ISM has continued to develop a range of sugar options for the growing foodservice market. Raw and white refined sugars are sourced from Australian crops and packed in various forms to meet customer demand.

  • Sourced from Australian crops.
  • Perfect portion control of raw sugar to prevent wastage.
  • ISM White Sugar Sachet are available in cartons of 2000 sticks.

 Product Code: 350105

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