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Bubble Bag 100mm x 200mm (700/ctn)

Bubble Bag 100mm x 200mm (700/ctn)

Prices (inc GST): Bags: Carton: Total: Save:
Carton (700 Bags) $0.24 $170.83 $170.83
10 Cartons (7000 Bags) $0.22 $154.94 $1549.35 1%

$156.62 / Carton (700 Bags)


Simple and time saving alternative to bubble wrap. with Bubble wrap bags, they are already in bag form which saves valuable time in packaging your products.

  • A convenient packaging solution that protect small fragile items
  • Save yourself time and resources with fast and simple sealing of product
  • Choose from 6 standard sizes.
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Protects product through entire distribution cycle
  • 100% Oxo Degradable : Will break down in ideal landfill conditions

 Product Code: 750151

Category: 070_Bubble Bags

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