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Arnotts Classic Assorted Biscuits (1.5kg/ctn)

Arnotts Classic Assorted Biscuits (1.5kg/ctn)

$24.73(inc GST)


Enjoy treasured moments with your family and friends with our crowd-pleasing assortment of six Arnott's biscuit classics. Savour the simple pleasure of a plain bikkie with your cuppa or a little extra indulgence with a delicious cream biscuit. Perfect to have on hand for every occasion!

  • Assortment of 6 favourites
  • Good for dunking them in your cuppa
  • Perfect for filling the bikkie tin
  • Superb selection of Arnott's most popular biscuits.
  • Ideal for offices, conference, function centres and meeting rooms

 Product Code: 750901

Category: 060_Biscuits

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