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Paint Remover Hand Cleaner 2000ml (each)

Paint Remover Hand Cleaner 2000ml (each)

$90.44(inc GST)


Kresto ATP, formerly known as Cupran Special, is an industrial strength hand cleaner formulated to remove oil-based paints, lacquers, enamels, adhesives, sealers, primers, coatings, glues and resins from the skin. Ideal for use in automotive paint and body work, metal working, silk screen printing and certain types of heavy assembly, Kresto ATP contains all-natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers that are gentle on skin and easily rinse away, preventing blocked drains and pipes. This preservative-free, non-soapy hand cleanser helps to maintain the natural acidic protective mantle, whose function includes protecting the skin from bacterial and fungal infection, while effectively minimizing the risk of skin incompatibility. Kresto ATP's low-odor formulation boasts a high level of consumer acceptance and requires just small quantities to remove some of the toughest soils and contaminants, making it an extremely effective and economical choice.

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