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3M 6038 Particle Filter P2/P3 with Nuisance Level Organic Vapour/Acid Gas Relief

Product Code: 761213

Solid top design reduces the chance of premature caking, clogging, or soiling with dirt, grime, water or dust Protective casing aids...

$29.80(ex GST)


3M 6059 3M Multi Gas/Vapour Cartridge Filter (A1B1E1K1) (1 pair)

Product Code: 761214

Provides protection against: Organic Vapours (boiling point > 65ÂșC) Inorganic & Acid Gases, Ammonia and Methylamine (A1B1E1K1) 3M...

$44.60(ex GST)


3M 6099 3M Gas & Vapour Cartridge Filter (ABEK2P3) (1 pair)

Product Code: 761215

Must only be used with 3M 6000/7000 Series Full Face Respirators 3M Bayonet Connection System ensures precise and secure locking Low profile and...

$243.60(ex GST)


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