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Discover Protectaware by Restock - the one range of production consumables and hygiene systems for your food processing environment. Designed to deliver confidence in food safety, the Protectaware brand offers premium quality and superior comfort for everyday use while keeping your operational costs down.

What's more, our disposable aprons and lab coats are not packed in cardboard boxes & our dust masks have no staples on them!


The HACCP mark represents the very best in food safety. Restock's range of PPE, Wipes, Disposable and Reusable Gloves have been certified by HACCP Australia as being food safe. 



"We have been using Restock for over two years for all our chemicals and dispensing systems and we are super happy with both the quality of the products and the excellent service provided. Restock has always been extremely quick and efficient in providing additional dispensers and support whenever required. The monthly services are great, giving us peace of mind knowing that the dispensers are checked frequently and all SDS are kept up to date."

General Manager - Kitchen Operations, Chef Good


"Very pleased that Restock is willing to source items which we need, it is always a quick and hassle-free experience dealing with them."

Market leader in the food production industry, Victoria.

A selection of products from our extensive range of over 9,000 products in stock.